Product Details

People who use Bottoms Spare Toilet Paper Holders in their homes
are always amazed at how such a simple product can make a huge difference!


Bathroom Cabinet MessThe largest problem presented by spare toilet paper is that people, for good reason, want to keep it handy in the bathroom, but a pack of 4 or 8 rolls is a large item and takes up a lot of space. So it gets stuffed in the vanity or cabinet with other essential bathroom products leaving the cabinet cram packed. It's the only place large enough that also keeps it dry and hidden. The second problem is that people naturally put it in the back of the cabinet because they general only need a new roll every few days, but when they do, they have to crouch down to get it and in doing so knock over the other items in the cabinet.


door-openThe Bottoms holder was designed to store toilet paper in the upper part of the cabinet next to the drain where there is plenty of unused space, even enough for an 8 roll supply.  The ingenious design of the Bottoms Holder accomplishes this by using the upper inside of the cabinet door.  The end result leaves plenty of room for other bathroom products below, keeps toilet paper dry, hidden and organized with the added benefit of easy storing and retrieving! No crouching down anymore!

It Solves Other Problems Too!


It provides independence to get spare toilet paper by injured, disabled or elderly people who have a hard time bending over.


Keeps toilet paper in place

It's an ideal product for boats and RVs to keep your toilet paper from shifting around during travel and dry!


3m Peel And Stick

All the Bottoms Holder Products are mounted by a peel and stick adhesive designed by 3M. The mounting adhesive and the the product more than successfully passed independent load, stress and durability test. 

Anyone can install or mount the holder by simply exposing the adhesive and gently but firmly pressing the holder into place. It sticks to just about any surface and won;t come lose. We guarantee it!