A Breakthrough In Bathroom Storage!

The fact is that everyone buys and uses toilet paper. Storing it, however, is a problematic situation that most everyone blindly accepts as a part of life. People simply store it in their bathroom vanity and live with the reality that it takes up most of the space. is a hassle to reach down and get and when you do, other products usually get knocked out of place creating a mess. This is an aggravating and annoying problem people live with every week. It's even a bigger problem if your physically challenged to reach down and get it!

These and other problems created by the need to store toilet paper have been solved by the Bottoms Spare Toilet Paper Holder. It's simplistic yet intelligent and functional design allows for easy and convenient access to spare toilet paper, keeps it hidden and dry, uses unused cabinet space, keeps vanities organized and makes life a lot easier. Did we mention it's a snap to install and affordable too?  We invite you to learn more about this great product, watch our video or contact us to find out how you can take advantage of this revolutionary new bathroom essential.

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